Oakham Doodles Australian Labradoodles


About Oakham Doodles

Oakham Doodles is a small, bespoke breeder of Australian Labradoodles  with occasional puppies for sale. As a qualified Canine Behaviourist and dog trainer, I specialise in all things behaviour and strive to produce healthy puppies of calm disposition and happy go lucky temperaments breeding with honesty and integrity.



Just to give you a small insight into my life with dogs from a professional and personal capacity.

My passion with dogs started when I was very young, around 8/9 years old, where I used to try to get stray dogs to follow me home in the hope that my parents would let me keep them! Unfortunately, this never happened and it always ended up on a sad walk down to our local police station to hand the dog in.

I lived within stones throw of a Veterinary Surgery, (it was always my ambition to become a vet) When I was 12, I walked in and asked for a weekend job as a kennel maid, they them offered me some weekend work cleaning out the kennels as well as looking after and walking the dogs in their boarding kennels. I loved it! Completely in my element! For the first year, I never got paid but then soon after was paid about £14 a weekend, I didn't care. I was happy!

I did this for around two years, but then was convinced by my parents to join the Army as an Avionics Technician, due to the excellent pay and prospects, so I did. At 16 years old, I accepted her majesty's shilling, and off I went. Of course it never lasted, I had no interest in electronics, I did the course for about a year, when I heard about the option to transfer to the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. I jumped at it. I was successful in gaining a place on the next Class 3 dog trainers course, where it all started. From there I went on to train a multitude of dogs from protection, Arms Explosive Search, Police and Tracker dogs. I loved it, training, taking a completely 'green' animal and giving it the skills to go on and do amazing things. I then went onto to train new handlers and trainers on how to train dogs. I also set up dog training classes for pet owners and consulted one to one helping dog owners understand and train their pets. I also trained in Canine Behaviour completing various courses. I did this for around 10 years, when due to various reasons, mainly, childcare, I took the decision to leave and set a new path on 'Civvi street'. I look back at my time in the Forces with great fondness, met some amazing people, they know who they are, and I learned so much.

So, I'm out the Army, I want to work with animals, I'm fairly intelligent, what shall I do? I know! Get a degree! So off I went to Uni, studying Veterinary Science, worked in placement in Veterinary practice and completed my first year. I loved the learning, but in practise, just wasn't challenging enough for me, and found it very repetitive. So after passing and completing the first year, I looked into pastures new.

I've done several things since leaving the forces, trying to find a career that worked for me, including, personal trainer, prison officer, intel analyst and lecturer. (All surprisingly have a common theme of helping people and training)

I had acquired teaching qualifications whilst in the forces, I loved training so decided to focus on teaching, mainly adults. 

I have been doing this for the past 2 years and enjoy it whilst still working with dogs, breeding, grooming and training, the  focus is now back with training and behaviour. I teach at a local College two days a week, so feel now the time is right to start a Business in Canine Behaviour and training, utilising my skill set whilst being able to help and train.

I am also training and breeding Therapy/assistance dogs as a main part of our breeding goals.